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Five of My Favorite Photos

I have been obsessed with photography since I picked up my first 35mm camera when I was 14 years old.  I studied and earned my BFA in photography in 2005. I’ve photographed probably tens of thousands of photos at this point – maybe hundreds of thousands. I’m confident in my ability to get consistent, beautiful results for every single client. But with each session that I photograph, I admit I have at least one favorite capture. It’s usually not the “perfectly posed” portrait, but one with something unique about the moment instead.

Here are a few of my very favorite photos from the past few years and why I love them!

1. Cake smash and one-year sessions are some of my very favorites.

I have the privilege of watching babies grow from newborns into curious, sweet toddlers, and watching that transformation never ceases to amaze me. This particular image jumps out at me as a favorite because of the pure joy and excitement on this little one’s face. Just look at the sparkle in her eye! She knows she’s the center of attention and she’s clearly eating it up.

Sometimes I like a photo with a lot of different colors, but this image consists of mostly neutral tones – blushy pinks, soft tans, and creamy whites. The color harmony in this picture was created intentionally and I love the softness it gives the scene and how that fits with this beauty’s angelic smile.

2. Maternity photos which include the stunning baby bump and mom’s partner.

Many of my favorite maternity portraits feature a stunning mom and her bump, but sometimes adding her partner can make a beautiful portrait even more meaningful. This image shows the connection between mom and dad, and I love how they protectively cradle their baby bump between them. This photo also gives you a palpable feeling of peace and calm and it shows the love between these parents and their excitement to welcome a new little one into their lives. The soft light wrapping around them adds to the ethereal feeling, and I knew from the moment I snapped it that this would be a personal favorite.

3. Newborn portrait sessions with the perfect props.

Some photographers love searching high and low for the perfect props for your newborn portrait session, and I am DEFINITELY in this camp. When I spied this little moon-shaped pillow, I immediately envisioned this image and couldn’t wait until my next snuggly little newborn came into the studio so I could create it.

Babies are easiest to pose within the first few weeks of life, because they love being curled up and cozy. With a little coaxing, I can usually get them to sleep, and then gently arrange their hands and feet into the position I need for the image. This newborn made my job so easy – she was a dream to work with and I was “over the moon” when I saw the final portrait!

4. Mid-to-late pregnancy photo sessions.

As a mom myself, I know that mid- to late-pregnancy is not always the easiest time. You may feel uncomfortable, nervous about the upcoming delivery, unsure of how to dress your changing body, and not quite like yourself. Most women would not describe themselves as “glamorous” at this time during their pregnancy. But this is exactly why I love photographing moms-to-be. Since we handle everything for them here at the studio, from hair to makeup to wardrobe, they don’t have to worry about anything but showing up. When they step in front of the camera you can see their confidence absolutely skyrocket as they realize how fierce and beautiful they really are.

This image is no exception. This mom is obviously gorgeous, but I also love the confidence she’s displaying through her pose and expression. Being able to carry and birth a baby is a miraculous and awe-inspiring thing, and this picture is a testament to that. The beautiful gown (which is one of many from my client closet) is the perfect complement to her glowing skin and stunning eyes, making this image one of my favorites.

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5. Classic, elegant, and romantic baby photos.

If you ask me to describe my photography style, I’d say classic, elegant, and romantic. I think all three of those traits come through in this image. First off, your attention is immediately drawn to the precious baby’s face and her relaxed pose. Those little fingers and toes are just too sweet! The background is extremely simple and monochromatic, so the baby stands out and nothing competes with her. Next, we chose an elegant lace bodysuit for her to give this image a classic and romantic look. Sometimes simple is best and I think that’s definitely true for this portrait.

I have so many other favorite images; it was nearly impossible to choose just a few for this post! I hope you enjoy a little “behind the scenes” info about my thought process behind these portraits.

I’d love to see YOU included in my next ‘favorites’ post! If you haven’t booked a session yet, send me a message! I’d love to photograph you or your loved ones so you have priceless portraits to enjoy for years to come.

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