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Why In-Studio Newborn Sessions Are Amazing

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You have been patiently awaiting your baby’s arrival for what feels like an eternity now. There’s no better time to document your precious newborn, from their tiny toes to their wrinkles and fuzzy hair. Time will fly by, and as your baby grows before your very eyes, you will be so thankful that you captured these first moments. 

There are so many choices out there for choosing a photographer to document your baby in the first few weeks. With so many things to consider, it may feel overwhelming! At-home or in-studio is one of the big decisions you have to make. There are many reasons why I believe an in-studio newborn session in the Philadelphia area would be best for you!

Better lighting and consistency

In-studio newborn photo sessions result in beautiful photos because we have more control over many elements of the shoot. It eliminates the chance of any unforeseen location problems. We can control the lighting better and don’t have to search around your house looking for the ideal window light. This allows for meticulously planned and consistently high quality portraits. If you love what you see in our portfolio, that’s exactly what you’re going to receive with your own portraits, because our newborn sessions are in our studio.

You can relax

Relax and take in your newborn photography session without worrying about getting your house in order. You won’t have to worry about moving furniture, entertaining guests, or tidying your home. At our studio, when it’s not your turn to be in the photo, you can relax, scroll your phone, or just gaze at your new bundle!

We take even more off your plate

For moms and moms-to-be, we strive to bring simplicity into this process, because we understand how chaotic life can be during these times. We take care of arranging to have your hair and makeup done when you arrive at the studio. This is one less thing you have to worry about when it comes to preparing for your shoot. We have wardrobe selections on hand for mom and baby, so you have two less people to dress. We know how stressful it is to dig through your closets when you are lacking sleep! We walk you and your family through every step of the posing process. From how to stand to where to look and everything in between. We are committed to making this process as easy and fun as it can possibly be for you all!

Aesthetically pleasing backgrounds

At our studio, we will handle the backgrounds! We have everything you can think of including seamless backdrops, blankets, soft and cozy rugs, wood floors, baskets, and more! We have it covered so there’s no need to worry about if your bedspread is the right color or if there are coffee mugs and laundry lurking around. You just had a baby, you don’t need extra stress!

ALL the props

You could put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect newborn session props, but there’s no reason to spend money on props you will only use once. We have a wide variety of props available in our studio. Before the shoot, we’ll talk about your ideas and suggestions so we can make sure to incorporate the ideal props to create your dream newborn photos.

Shorter session

An additional benefit of having a newborn session in-studio is that we can prepare the studio ahead of time and get your session started as soon as you arrive. You wont need to wait while we find the light in your home and set up all of my equipment and props. Our newborn sessions typically last 2-3 hours as opposed to some in-home newborn sessions, which can last 4-5 hours. With a newborn, tired parents, and postpartum mama, a time efficient session is always appreciated by our clients.


For the comfort of your baby, our studio is kept at a temperature that is just right for them to be unclothed. Achieving a temperature of around 83 degrees in a single room of your house may prove difficult, especially if you have high ceilings. Our studio provides a comfortable environment for this special session.

Cleanliness & Safety

In our studio, we clean regularly AND in between each session, including blankets and props. You won’t have to worry about someone coming into your home and bringing any germs that may come along. We have been trained by some of the top photographers in the country to perfect my safety and posing skills in the studio, so you can be assured that your precious bundle will always be safe with us.

Want to talk more about your newborn session in the Philadelphia area? I’d love to chat with you and get to know your growing family! You can reach out to me here!

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