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Phoenixville Maternity and Newborn Photography Studio

2018 was a fast year that went out like a bang! I had some absolutely amazing clients in the studio in December and cannot wait to show you all! To those of you that don’t know me, my name is Rachel Gregory, mother to four, wife to one amazing husband, and boss of one soon-to-be renovated and beautiful studio. 2019 will host a bunch of exciting and new offerings for our Phoenixville photography studio. We will be adding a natural light studio in addition to our present studio, which will make for some beautiful portraiture! We plan to show off the new studio January 15, 2019.

Maternity Photography Session in Studio

Now let’s get to what has been happening recently. We recently had an in studio maternity session that was incredible to be a part of. Dani Lepine is an amazing person. She’s smart, funny, kind and caring. When she came to me to do her maternity photography session, I was elated. I love to make women shine their beautiful light when they are pregnant and especially women as strong and beautiful as she.

Hair and Makeup

When shooting a photography session, we want to make sure our subjects hair and make up are professionally done, which we provide as a complimentary service at our studio. Dani’s Hair and Makeup were provided by Marissa at Charlotte Thomas Salon in Phoenixville, Pa. Dani is naturally gorgeous, the hair and make up just highlight her natural beauty. I want my clients to feel their absolute best and this service is sure to assist in that!

Outfits for Maternity Sessions

Our studio has a supply of gowns, fabrics and pieces for maternity sessions. Everything that Dani is wearing is provided by our studio (except the jeans). This way, we can save client’s the hassle of finding a gown for a session! Of course everyone is welcome to wear what they like. We love form fitting outfits for maternity session to accentuate the baby bump.

Make the Most of your Pregnancy

I know it is so cliche, but really, as a mom of four speaking from experience, cherish this time. Make the most of your pregnancy. Embrace the curves, love the movement in your belly, get your picture taken, document those growing bumps and have fun. You are so beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing pregnant woman, and I truly mean those words. This is the time when they will be the closest to you, soon they will be crying in your arms, talking, laughing, and making you more tired than you ever knew you could be. You will lose the baby weight, time will start moving faster than you knew was possible, and you will be reminiscing of that first time you felt the flutter, the first kick, hearing the heartbeat and dreaming of what they would look like. Time is fleeting, and a photograph lasts forever. So if you are on the fence of whether or not to do a session, just do it, for you. I hope to see you for your maternity session.



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