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Capturing Three Generations

Generational photography is the art of capturing images that depict the relationships and connections between members of different generations in a family. It’s a compelling and poignant way to tell the story of a family. It captures the unique relationships and dynamics between grandparents, parents, and children.

I’m so glad Melissa chose to capture this precious moment in her life. With her mom visiting from Florida and her eldest daughter leaving for college soon, this was a perfect opportunity to capture this moment in time and have timeless photos for her family to cherish.

Capturing multiple generations can be challenging, but creating a relaxing environment will ensure beautiful photos.

In generational photography, the photographer aims to capture the essence of the family as a whole, as well as the individual personalities of each member. This requires a great deal of skill and patience. The photographer must create a comfortable and relaxed environment where each family member can feel at ease and be themselves.

One of the key benefits of generational photography is that it provides a tangible record of the relationships and connections that exist between family members. It’s a way to capture the love, laughter, and joy that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren. These images serve as a visual reminder of the special moments and memories that families share together. Often, families are so caught up in the day-to-day routine that they forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of their relationships. Generational photography provides a unique perspective on family dynamics, allowing families to see themselves as others see them.

Photos of your extended family together are amazing keepsakes and memories that you will look back on for years to come.

How to capture your generational portraits

At times it can be difficult to get multiple generations photographed together with everyone smiling and looking their best. This is where hiring an experienced photographer who specializes in extended family sessions comes into play as they are equipped with the skills to make this process quick and painless. 

To capture the best extended family photos, start by brainstorming ideas with your photographer ahead of time. Search Pinterest and online to get ideas of styles that you may want to use for your own session. Communicate with your photographer, and they can help suggest ideas for your images based on their experience.

So how do I choose a photographer?

When hiring a photographer specializing in extended family sessions, it’s important that you find someone who understands that while it’s easy to take a photo of two generations adding in the next generation and then the next can add an extra layer of difficulty.

Your photographer should also have worked with multiple generations before. This is to see what poses work best in order to capture different family dynamics in your images. So don’t be afraid to ask about their experience and references from previous clients or families they’ve worked with.

Make sure to check out past work on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. This will help you feel confident with your choice of photographer before booking your extended family photo session.

While generational family sessions are meant to be fun and special for everyone involved, they can also be daunting when you don’t have a plan going in.

Your photographer will help to guide the process, but having an idea of who is attending and where everyone will sit beforehand makes it easier to achieve the final images you want during your session.

No matter your reason, generational family photos are a wonderful investment and you will appreciate in the years to come. Click here to discuss your session now.

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