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10 Things You Must Have in Your Hospital Bag For Delivering a Baby

Time to get up! It’s 3 in the morning, and your baby is ready to arrive! You grab your hospital delivery bag quickly because you don’t need to worry about what’s inside.  Everything has been prepared and packed for a month. A great way to make sure you have everything you need on delivery day is to pack your hospital bag early!

Here is a list of things you should pack in your hospital bag so that everything is prepared for the arrival of your baby.

1. Clothing During Labor and Afterward

While you can deliver in a conventional hospital gown, wearing a maternity gown will give you more comfort and a taste of home. They may be more fashionable than a standard hospital gown and offer an open front for nursing. 

After the birth, a cozy robe can provide a lot of comfort and warmth in a cold hospital setting. Make sure your post-birth attire is something you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly discarding after your hospital stay.

2. Camera

Documenting this momentous event will undoubtedly be at the top of your priority list. You can certainly take photos with your phone, but if you want high-quality images, a good camera is a must-have. If you intend to bring your camera, make sure to bring the charger, memory cards, and so on.

3. Toiletries

Toiletries are necessary for your hospital stay, especially if you stay for more than one day. You’ll want to freshen up and feel more like yourself when the camera comes out to capture these beautiful moments. Pack a small bag containing a toothbrush, hair brush, face wipes, and (if desired) makeup.

4. Postpartum/Nursing Bra

Nursing will begin right away, so make sure you are prepared! Pack a comfortable nursing bra (or a bra one size up for bottle-feeding moms) in your hospital bag.

5. Long Phone Charger

A phone charger is a must for your time in the hospital. Hospital beds are known for being far away from electrical outlets, so make sure you are prepared with an extra-long charger cord. Make sure your phone stays fully charged so you can take snapshots of the baby and update family and friends.

6. Snacks and Drinks

It’s crucial to drink plenty of water in the days following childbirth. Bring along a refillable water bottle and some of your favorite munchies. You won’t be able to eat before or during labor, but you’ll definitely want your comfort foods after giving birth.

7. Pillows and Blankets

A pillow and blanket are not only essential for you, but also for your partner! Hospital pillows can be uncomfortable, so make sure to bring some from home. Your partner will most likely be sleeping on a couch or chair, so a pillow and blanket will be appreciated.

8. Going Home Outfit for Baby

Your baby’s going-home outfit should be comfortable for them and easy for the car seat strap to fit between. Magnetic snap outfits are a great choice for an easy, comfortable going home outfit. Make sure to include socks and a hat if it is cold outside. Also, include a baby blanket for added comfort. A car carrier cover is also nice to keep wind and snow out, but be careful not to overheat the baby on the ride home.

9. Going Home Outfit for Mom

Prior to leaving for home, you should change out of your hospital attire. Wear something comfortable and easy to put on. If you have a c-section, you will want to wear loose clothing that will be comfortable over your incision. Maternity yoga pants and tops are an excellent choice for new mothers to wear!

10. The Extras

You can get by with the items listed above, but some mothers prefer to have a few extra comfort items with them during their hospital stay. Some ideas for extra items include: Chapstick, an iPad for watching TV/movies, a book, a portable Bluetooth speaker with a playlist of songs for during or after delivery, and big, comfy bath towels. Some mothers also bring an extra bag with them to the hospital to carry items like extra diapers, postpartum underwear, and other things that the hospital may provide.

After you’ve packed your delivery bag, keep it in an easily accessible location, such as your car or near the front door. Finally, your baby bag is packed and you’re ready to welcome your new bundle of joy! 

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