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Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Are you trying to find a creative way to show off your family photos? Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, gallery walls are a simple way to add visual interest. It’s a great way to express your personal style and a surefire conversation starter at social gatherings.

In order to provide you with some assistance in getting started, I have compiled a few pointers for designing and constructing a gallery wall that is appropriate for your personality and the style of the interior design in your home. These tips can help you visualize your perfect artwork grouping, but remember, I’m also happy to work with you after your session to design the perfect gallery wall for you which includes your professional portraits plus any other pieces of art you’d like to incorporate.

Create a plan in advance.

Take all of the pieces you want to include in the display and arrange them on the floor first before beginning to hang anything on the wall. Experiment with a few different configurations to determine which one will look the best on your wall. You might like things organized in an asymmetrical fashion, or you might think it looks better if all of your frames are neatly lined up. There is no “wrong” way to create a gallery wall, which is one of its many appealing features; therefore, you can pick the approach that best suits your needs. In addition, take photographs of each potential arrangement to assist you in making a decision, and before you hang anything, give some thought to the various possibilities.

Pick a subject, or just let your imagination run wild.

Think about color palettes and art styles if you want your gallery wall to have a specific concept. A family gallery wall does not need to consist solely of photographs; instead, you can incorporate art and quotations that speak to the values and passions that your family shares. You could even have some of the artwork that your children have created framed and hang them on your gallery wall if you so choose.

If you aren’t interested in developing a central concept for your collection, you should choose individual pieces that resonate with you. To add visual interest, look for a variety of textures and frames, and perhaps even some three-dimensional pieces. This style, which is more organic, is great if you want to add more pieces to your gallery wall over time.

Consider other rooms where you can feature a gallery wall.

Although gallery walls are typically hung above a sofa in the living room or arranged along the length of a hallway, neither of these placement options is required. A gallery wall is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of the area around your television, as well as the staircase, or even the restroom. Don’t restrict yourself to just the primary rooms in your home when you’re decorating. A neglected or otherwise unattractive space can be brought back to life with the help of a simple gallery wall.

Look around your house for spaces that appear empty, such as the area between the top of a shelf and the ceiling or a particularly lengthy hallway. Even though you could hang just two or three framed pieces on each of these walls, you should give some thought to creating a gallery wall instead. It is a fantastic way to show off all of those family photos and to add more beauty to those plain spaces.

Think you have no space for a gallery wall? You do!

Even if you don’t have any large open wall space, you can still have a gallery wall even if you live in a small apartment or house. All you need is a few small frames and some interesting artwork. Look for areas of the wall that are only a few feet wide or corners that could use some additional illumination. You could even switch it up and create a vertical gallery wall, which is a fantastic way to add interest to a small space in your home. Additionally, a gallery wall that extends from floor to ceiling can give the impression that the ceiling is higher, which will give the impression that the room is larger.

It’s not necessary to use an entire wall for your gallery wall either; it can just be a portion of one. It’s possible that there’s a nook in your kitchen or dining room that could use a little something to liven it up. Create a gallery wall that wraps around the corner, covering both walls and adding depth and interest to this otherwise uninteresting space.

Keep an eye out for additional places where you can add depth.

Look for places like shelves or coffee and end tables where you can show off your photos by displaying them in portfolio boxes or standing frames if you do not have enough wall space to display all of the artwork or photographs of your family that you would like. If you create a gallery wall above a bookshelf or cabinet, you can even set some portfolio boxes or framed prints on top of the shelf to add visual interest and depth to your décor. If you do this above a fireplace, the finished product will have an added level of sophistication.

There will always be room in your home for a gallery wall, regardless of how you decide to design it, for you to display the treasured photographs of your family as well as the works of art that are your personal favorites. It just takes a little thought and creativity to create a fun and fashionable gallery wall.

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