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What to Expect at Your Newborn Photo Shoot

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So, you’ve scheduled your newborn photo session, and you can’t wait to get all of those precious photos you have been dreaming about. But, this might be your first newborn photo session, and you may not know what to expect, so I’ve laid out a few of my best tips and tricks to help you with your first newborn session.

Newborn photos are quite different from other portraits and require a lot more thought and care. Posing and transitions in your baby’s first photo session are much slower and more meticulous than any other photo session you have been a part of, so be prepared to be patient.  Below are a few things I like to point out to new parents to consider to better prepare them for their newborn photo session.

Cleaning Up Baby

Washing a newborn isn’t as easy as it sounds. Cleaning around the cord stump can sometimes be tricky, but we want to make sure that baby is so fresh and so clean for his or her photo debut.  Gently clean off any flakes of skin or eye gunk with a warm, damp washcloth. Use baby trimmers to trim the baby’s fingernails and change them into a fresh diaper.  Be sure to clean up the baby’s hair and bring a baby brush to make him or her look their best for their first modeling session. Baby hair can sometimes get a little greasy, so be sure to use some soap and water.

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Be Prepared for Feeding

When you arrive for your photo session, be ready to feed your baby. You’ll want them to be full and content, so they can more easily fall asleep and be posed for the photos. Don’t forget to burp the baby well after feeding. A gassy, fussy baby is uncomfortable and harder to work with than a content one. Bring extra bottles if bottle feeding, burp cloths, and diapers! 

Anticipate Messes

Babies have no concern for when they pee, poop, or spit up—or who they do it on. Don’t stress the mess. Your photographer will expect it, and you should too. If you’re dressing baby up, just make sure to bring an extra set of clothing. At our studio, we provide all wardrobes for babies so you do not need to worry about bringing anything! As a mom of four and a newborn photographer of 7+ years, I’ve seen a lot, so I always tell my clients not to worry if the baby makes messes – I’m used to it!

Be Patient

Photographing newborns is hardly easy, especially when you add other family members, like siblings into the mix. Don’t stress out when things aren’t going as planned. Your newborn will be able to sense your anxiety and frustration and may become stressed as well. If your other children are acting up, gently direct them and encourage them to pay attention. I encourage parents to be silly even if their little ones are stressing them out.  They will respond much better to a silly parent than an angry one. We also have other tricks up our sleeves. I have always been able to get the shot, so I know what to do 😉

Trust Your Photographer

A professional photographer will know how to pose your newborn safely and how to get smiles out of every other member of the family. Be open to their ideas and trust their expertise and ability to get you the images you want, especially for siblings. Kids just seem to listen better to a stranger in a new environment than to mom and dad sometimes. I know as a mom my inclination is to step in and redirect, but let the photographer take control. You hired them for a reason! 

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About Our Studio

Rachel Gregory Photography is located in Phoenixville, PA in the Pikeland Village Square shopping center directly off of Route 113 (Kimberton Road). The shopping center has plenty of parking, as well as restaurants, and just a quick drive from Wawa and CVS. 

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