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Family photography is another style of photography we offer at Rachel Gregory Photography. The family sessions are actually shot by my wonderful husband Kevin Gregory.

Art through creative expression has always been a driving force in Kevin’s life. When Kevin found photography he suddenly found love with capturing emotion in every photo. When Kevin decided to do photography, He soon realized that he loved photographing children and families and capturing that candid moment in life. The goal is to get that one shot that can never be reproduced and be a personal piece of art that will hang on your wall for generations to come.

My Husband Kevin and I are strong believers that capturing these moments of your family is like pressing a pause button on life. We can’t rewind life when we want to relive a moment, So we make it our goal to get very candid moment we can so you can relive the moment. Family portraits brings your family together. It reminds your family the love you have for one another. I know a lot of us have had hard times due to COVID -19 in this last year or so, Sometimes family portraits can bring comfort and healing from hard times.

Also, A lot of people think family portraits are just for the parents but they are for the kids as well. Family portraits boost your children self-esteem. It’s actually been proven by psychologist that it’s incredibly healthy for your children to physically see your family as a unit. The children see themselves a valued member of the family. Having family portraits hanging on the walls of your family home, where your children grow up knowing that they belong and seeing the love that your family has being captured portraits is a very important too. These portraits are something you give your family to pass down through generations ,to show and teach generations beyond us.

We at Rachel Gregory Photography are happy to announce that starting April 1st, 2021 that we will be opening our schedule to start booking Family Photography sessions shot by Kevin Gregory. We would love to help you capture the candid moments in life. Family is the most important thing we have in life and is our greatest treasure so why wait to capture these moments. Call us for more information and/or booking. We would love to help you and your family.

– Rachel Gregory

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