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The Happiest Smile

Smile for the camera…The best photos we have today are the ones that weren’t always planned. Don’t you agree?As a Photographer, We try to capture those moments for you.

First Step to getting those moments and getting that perfect photo is to RELAX. I know sometime that’s easier said then done. Just sit back and relax, take in the scenery and let us do all the work! Second, Just be yourself. You can’t go wrong just being yourself, your personality is what’s going to make it the perfect photo. I know sometimes getting your photo taken professionally can feel a bit strange or awkward at first. Some people don’t like being the center of attention in the moment and feel a bit self conscious, but that definitely shouldn’t be the case! Make conversation with your photographer, get comfortable and get to know them. While, your doing that it’s our job as photographers to capture those moments when you’re not expecting it or just being who you are.

When you have little ones your trying to round up for a family photo or even possibly a brooding teenager who may think they are a little too old for family photos, That’s okay! We can definitely work with all that. For the little ones, Try tickling or telling a funny joke. If your chasing the toddler and holding the baby trying to keep them posed, Don’t! Give into the chase, make it a game. Play with them and watch the magic happen. Life isn’t always about the perfect posed photo especially with little ones. With all those tips and tricks it will grab their attention and get giggle smiles we all love so much. For those teenagers, Don’t force the poses. Let them be comfotable, talk to them about their day, sports, video games etc. Teenagers get bored easily so it’s best to keep them moving. We will move them from one side of the family to the other or even ask them to walk around while we take photos of them. Definitely, giving them space from the family. This can help them be more relaxed and less “watched” by the parents, or family. Giving them the chance to be completely themselves and letting us capture that perfect smile.

Some of the best photos aren’t planned and aren’t posed. Life goes by in a instant and we try our hardest to capture every silly, happy, loving moment and big life changes. Photos play a huge important role in everyone’s life- they connect us to our past. They connect to us and remind us of people, places, feelings and stories. That’s why here at Rachel Gregory Photography, We will be being back Family Portraits sessions in April 2021. We want to help you capture the sweet moments in life. So you can look back and cherish every one of them!

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