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7 Tips for the Perfect Cake Smash

I’m sure you’ve seen cake smash photos everywhere, from Pinterest to Facebook to Instagram. Cake smash sessions are super adorable, and the babies (almost) always have a wonderful time making a delicious mess.

Here Are 7 Tips to Have the Perfect Smash Cake Session for Your Baby’s First Year

1. Choose the perfect cake. A safe bet for a smash cake is a basic vanilla cake. A cake that is soft and crumbly is easy for baby to break up. Buttercream icing is a great option for messy fun, and can be made in any color to match your party theme.

2. Choose a smashing outfit. You’ll want something adorable, but remember that it will soon be covered in celebratory frosting, so don’t choose something you don’t want to get messy.

3. Choose a location. Rachel Gregory Photography Studio is a beautiful backdrop for your baby’s first year session. If you’re doing a cake smash at home, choose an outdoor location with lots of natural light or an indoor spot with a neutral, bright backdrop.

4. Make clean-up easier. This is a messy shoot – that’s part of what makes it so cute. Be prepared for the mess by having a spare outfit for those involved in the smashing just in case. Avoid carpeted areas, or put down a plastic tablecloth or mat to help contain the mess.

5.Decorate your space. If you’re coming into the studio, I’ve got you covered here with plenty of cute spaces and props. Feel free to bring special items with you as well. At home, remember less is more. You want the baby and the cake to be the focus, but some cute props, balloons, or streamers can provide a nice pop of color and keep your baby smiling for the photos.

6. Show your baby it’s ok to be messy. Some babies will immediately go for the cake and make an adorable, colorful mess all on their own, but some find the cake and the attention overwhelming and could use a helping hand to get the mess started.

7. Be aware of allergies before the party. If there is a food or ingredient that your baby hasn’t had before, it might be a good idea to give them a taste prior to the party to rule out any allergic reactions before encouraging them to dive in.

Most of All, Have Fun!

This year has been full of nonstop memory making for you and your baby, and it’s time to celebrate all that you have experienced in life together so far. Don’t stress the little details, and remember that it’s ok if this session doesn’t go exactly as planned.


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