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Aubree’s Baby Milestone Sitter Session

Watching a baby grow and develop into his or her own little self is one of the many joys of my job as a photographer. I absolutely love it when my clients come back in after their newborn session to capture their baby’s growth in either a six month, sitter or one year session. So it was a genuine pleasure having little miss Aubree back in the studio for a milestone sitter session. Aubree was in for her newborn session last October. Her parents loved her newborn pictures so they opted into the “Baby Plan” that I offer which includes a six month or sitter session, and a one year session.

What is a Sitter Session, You Ask?

Sitter sessions are a way to photograph a baby’s milestone of sitting unassisted, hence the name “sitter session.” These are some of my favorite sessions to photograph. Baby’s are so interactive at these sessions, they haven’t developed “stranger anxiety” just yet, they smile so easily, are easily distracted, can hold toys, maybe have started crawling, there are so many options! They are fun and sweet, and parents LOVE the images from them. Aubree is about 8 months old now, and she was an absolute doll for this session. I love her expressions and silly yet sweet personality.

Older Siblings and Family Members at Sessions

If you have read any of my older posts, you will know that I am a big fan of bringing older siblings along for sessions. I think it is just as important to document them with the baby as it is to photograph the baby! When Aubree’s parents asked if their older children Grayson and Maddie could be photographed, I said “Of course!” I love the capture the interactions between siblings, get a special moment of their bond and have them be involved as much as possible. I even got to capture a few of them alone. You may be surprised at how much big bro or sis want to be involved too! Maddie was a great help in getting Aubree to smile, and Grayson loved to cuddle with his baby sister. Believe it or not, one day they will all look so young and tiny, that is why its so important to photograph all of these moments.

Session Options for Milestone Sessions

When it came down to choosing backdrop options for the session, Aubree’s mom had been following me on Instagram and Facebook, so she saw a few of the different backdrop offerings I have this year. I love to do different themes in the studio, so we got to play around with a few of them! I personally am partial to the Lemon set up as Aubree looks so darling in the yellow and cream. Milestone sessions can also take place outdoors at a local park. I have plenty of props to show baby’s size and the milestones that he/she has reached. All outfits shown in these images are available at my studio, so it makes your time that much easier as well. I love to dress baby’s in beautiful outfits that really bring out their features, like Aubree’s beautiful blue eyes.

When Should I Book My Milestone Session?

As with all sessions, sooner than later is preferred. This way, we can both be prepared for your session, and make the most of our time together. We had Aubree’s session booked about two months prior to her session, so we had plenty of time to pick backdrops, outfits and pick the perfect time for her session. If you missed out on a newborn session with your baby, a six month session is a great way to document your baby, and celebrate the amazing little person they are!

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