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Introducing: The Petite Wrapped Newborn Session

Hello, hello! I’m so excited to present this new session option at my photography studio! I am now offering Petite Newborn Wrapped Sessions. Wrapped sessions take place in the studio in Phoenixville, Pa, just outside of Philadelphia and King of Prussia, Pa. This is a great option for parents that may be looking for a little bit of a smaller session option and may not want to invest in a full newborn session. It will still have the beautiful newborn style you are used to seeing from me, and I will make your session fit your style!

Why Do I Call It a Petite Wrapped Session?

Simple! This session gets its name because it is a shorter session than a full newborn session, and baby is wrapped in swaddling wraps the entire session. Full newborn sessions take 2-3 hours in the studio, and the baby is unwrapped for a large portion of that time. The Petite Wrapped Session is one hour, and baby is fully wrapped the entire session. The reason I wrap baby is so we can get images done in one hour. When the baby is wrapped, he/she sleeps much better and the session is easy to get through! Newborns like to be tightly swaddled as it feels like it did when he/she was in mom’s womb. This cozy environment makes for a great deep sleep, and I can create beautiful pictures!

What Images Can I Expect at this Newborn Session?

This session will include a limited number of images, but additional images can be purchased once you see the photos immediately following your session. Since baby is swaddled, we will include images on the flokati rug, a prop or two, and images with the family. Siblings can be included, and are encouraged to come along! The images in this post were all taken from a Petite Session.

How Does It All Work?

Since this is a limited session, we will not be having a pre-session consultation at the studio. However, we will chat on the phone to discuss the session itself and I will be sending a questionnaire on your session color preferences and who will be included in the session. We will want baby to be under 1 month old for the session. After that, it can be too difficult to get baby to sleep, and we won’t have enough time for the session! So ages 7-21 days old are the best to do the session. If you want the focus to be on the family, we will start with family images. If you primarily want the baby photographed, we will start with the baby! I will then go through my flow of flokati rug, prop/s, and family poses. Afterwards, while you are packing up, I will upload images to my computer and we will review your session and pick out your images that you want included, and if there are any you would like to purchase! It’s that easy. Overall, I hope to have you in and out of the studio in 90 minutes, it may take a little longer or a little less. For more information on pricing, please contact me here.

Sign Me Up! I’m All In!

So you’re ready to book your session? Great! I am so excited to work with you! There’s a few things we need to go over before you book. I can only take a limited number of newborn sessions each month, so please contact me to check availability for your due date. It is strongly recommended to book your session BEFORE you have the baby, that way I can reserve the time for you, so sooner than later is the best time to book. A retainer is due upon booking and a contract will require your signature to reserve your session. After that, we wait for baby’s arrival 🙂 Then either you or your partner will contact me and let me know of baby’s birth and we will schedule your date! If you are scheduled for a C-Section, we will schedule your session date within 7-21 days of baby’s date. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

I can’t wait to meet you and your baby!!


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