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Mother’s Day Petite Sessions

Ah Mother’s Day, the time of year all of us moms get to take some time off, get treated like queens, and don’t have to lift a finger. Lol, I made myself laugh!!! Us moms know, there is no time off! We are in it for the long haul. If you’re anything like me, you know all about the Mother’s Day hangover, am I right?? If you aren’t aware of this phenomenon, a Mother’s Day hangover is the day after Mother’s Day when you were so called “relaxing” and none of the house chores got done so you are stuck doing all the work that you declared you weren’t doing because it was Mother’s Day!

But I digress, Mother’s Day is about celebrating those special women in our lives. Wether it be your mom, spouse, aunt, step-mom, sister, whomever it is that was/is a motherly figure in your life, this is the day to celebrate her. I know for me, this is going to be a tough Mother’s Day as my grandmother passed away in February and we have always spent this day at her home in Conshohocken, Pa. What I wouldn’t give to have professional photos taken of her, my mom and me with my children! This was the inspiration for our Mother’s Day Petite Sessions.

Celebrate Her with Photos!

Moms are the bearers of babies, we sacrifice it all for our babes, we do all we can to take care of everyone and make sure our house is a home. We also are always the ones taking the pictures! I have so many photos of my children and very few of me in them, and I know a lot of moms can relate to that. If you are a guy, and you’re looking for a great gift for your wife, a photo session will send her over the moon and you will be husband of the year. We love having pictures of our babes to look at, they grow up so fast!! And how awesome would it be for your children to have pictures with their mom in it with them.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Picture this: you’re about 30 years older, so are your children, and your mom may or may not still be around. What would you give to have beautiful pictures of all of you together, just to remember what it was like, how small and cute they were, what your mom looked like, how thin you were! (lol, jk,). This is the best gift you can give for Mother’s Day. Either for yourself, or the mom in your life. Trust me, she will love it.

Clients Past and Present

How I love to see my smallest clients grow! I was over the moon happy when these little triplets came back to the studio to get pictures with their gorgeous mom. We were so sweaty at the end of the session, because three toddler-aged triples. But what a joy to see mom grow into this amazing mother with three adorable little guys. It truly is such a blessing to be a part of that. I also got to photograph this beautiful mom with her family and seeing them all was such a treat!

For more information on our Mother’s Day Sessions, please fill out the contact form here. We hope to see you soon!!



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