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Elverson Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

When life gives you snow on your wedding day in December, you take full advantage of it!  At least if you’re looking to make the best of your wedding photography, you should!  I can’t say enough about this wedding.  The couple, the family, the moments, they were all so wonderful.  Katie Turner and DJ Bressler got married on December 9, 2017.  In tow was their 8 year old son, Brenton, and both sets of parents, grandparents and about 150 of their closest family and friends.  When I first met them, I could tell this would be a beautiful day filled with laughter and love.  And I just knew this was my kind of wedding when the bride insisted on getting portraits in the snow.  The couple totally rocked this day!

Weddings in December

It’s not always the easiest to plan a winter wedding.  But you just hope for that chance you might get a fantastic day where the snow falls almost like a blizzard and creates the winter wedding of your dreams.  Katie and DJ were married at the French Creek Golf Club, which is located in Elverson, Pa just off of rte. 401.  The sprawling landscape made for a beautiful day whether rain or shine.  I have to say I was partial to the barn cats wondering the course. And there was the cutest little spring house on the pond, which made for the perfect backdrop.  I only wished we could have photographed a little more outside, but we did have a schedule to stick to!   The venue’s location, along with food and ambiance made for a beautiful romantic evening.

Saying “I Do” in the Country

Country weddings can be so gorgeous.  The charm of the fields, the barns, the old stone buildings just add that vintage element that I love.  When I photograph Philadelphia area weddings, I am always seeking out the old to add charm to the new.  I love a bride and groom who are adventurous with me and follow along with my crazy ideas, like these two did!  When I photograph a couple’s wedding, I am working hard to make them look good, get the best back drops, and make them feel comfortable!  I know how important it is to vibe well with your photographer, so I love to joke around and just have fun!  Take full advantage of your day.  If its raining, get out in the rain and take pictures, if its snowing, go take pictures, if its sunny and beautiful, go take pictures!  It really doesn’t matter the weather, what matters is your attitude about it.  I can only hope to be such a rockstar as these two were.  They took their wedding day and made it one I will never forget!  Congratulations Katie and DJ!  I cannot wait to see all the beauty life has in store for the two of you



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