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When to Book Your Newborn Photographer

As a mother of four, I get the craziness of bringing a baby home from the hospital.  You’re so tired and wanting sleep, wondering what happened to your waistline and if you’ll ever get it back.  If you have other children, (a two year old, four year old and six year old in my case) it all can be very overwhelming.  Did your know that newborn sessions are shot before the baby is 21 days old?  That is why it is definitely recommended to book your newborn photographer before you have your baby.  Preferably a few months, especially as photographers get booked months in advance.  Newborn photography really is an art form and you want to find the best newborn photographer in your area.  You want a professional that is well trained and will give you those oh so sweet images.  You want the right fit for you and your family, so meet your photographer in person, set up a consultation.  This person will be handling your baby, so you should get to know them beforehand, just like picking out a doctor, you want to feel comfortable with them.  If you want to schedule a consultation with me, fill out the form here.  So do your homework, meet with your photographer, and get ready for those snuggly warm baby hugs!

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